SARS is a unit of the Nigerian police force specially trained to combat robbery. SARS which means Special Anti Robbery Squad has turned out to be the most dreaded unit of the police force in the country.

While this unit was created to combat robbery, they seem to be fighting the citizens and innocent people. It is almost becoming a crime to look good, have dread locks, drive fancy cars and use an iPhone. Once you encounter them, you are a cyber criminal.

While SARS wasn’t created to fight cybercrime, it has been something they parade themselves of gaining mastery on. However, whatever SARS has become today is the making of the people.

SARS don’t fight cybercrime, that is merely what they pretend to do while they go after innocent people infringing on their rights. The question is, who leads them to this innocent people?

SARS is another word the rich uses to intimidate the poor when they are having misunderstanding…

Example “if you cross my path again or I see you near my house, I’ll call SARS for you…”

And they are not joking, they mean it. Many young innocent boys have had their lives ended in SARS interrogation centres where they are being forced to admit a crime they never committed.

Some ‘Oga’ who never wanted to settle their ‘Nwa Boy’ after seven years of service have framed them up and used SARS to eliminate these boys who did nothing wrong but desire and worked hard to come up to that stage where they can provide for their loved ones.

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They are denied access to lawyers, they are denied their rights and they are also denied their lives.

SARS means Special Anti-Robbery Squad but they have been involved in more cases that has nothing to do with robbery. People have used them against their debtors, neighbours and so on… We throw money at their faces just to get them to do our bidding.

The cause: our decayed system where the poor have no right. This system is enabled and powered by some rich folks, SARS are just their boys.

By Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

George is a brand strategist at Funtrick Technology, an author and a public speaker. He takes time to write on George's Diary. He also writes his opinions on politics and similar subject on Gist Afrique.

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