When I say I am proud to be a Nigerian, it doesn’t mean I desire the way things are in the country, it doesn’t mean I don’t desire Biafra or any better alternative, including a restructured Nigeria.

Nigeria as it is isn’t working well.

Trust me, I am pro-Biafra or pro-anything better, and I have always had it in my prayers and thoughts. However, as long as Nigeria last, I am proud, not because of the way things are but because of the Nigerians who are doing great things.

At the moment, every great Nigerian is called a Nigerian, when they achieve great feat, it regarded that a Nigerian, not a Biafran or an Oduduwa, achieved something great. My pride is in you, not in the contraption.

Anyone desiring that we break up the country is not a bad person, we know that we will be living in a lie when we claim we can’t see the need for different regions having full control of their region.

However, I pray that we remain brothers, that even after the breakup, after Biafra, Oduduwa and other nations have been officially recognised, we will remain brothers and give ourselves the credits for our common history.

I have met several policemen who want Biafra and Oduduwa and they are often better in service than those who clamour “One Nigeria”. They don’t hate Nigeria, we don’t hate Nigeria, we just want what is better.

That’s why I always use the word “while Nigeria lasts, I am proud to be a Nigerian because of Nigerians.”



By Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

George is a brand strategist at Funtrick Technology, an author and a public speaker. He takes time to write on George's Diary. He also writes his opinions on politics and similar subject on Gist Afrique.

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