Everyone needs some sort of an online presence and there are solutions available for every need. For some people, a social media page will meet their need, for another, a landing page or even Google Business page will serve them fully but there are those who want to join the big players because they believe their ideas or business is worth it. As a result, they may need to develop and host a supercharged website.

While some people run classes on Zoom, Google Classroom, Telegram or Whatsapp, there are other people who are running courses on an advanced level and they are big players in the field with worldwide reputation and audience. Same can be said for every other skill and sector.

Chances are that you’ve got an idea and you want to develop a website for it, you may be wondering which hosting company is right for you. 

If you intend running a powerful blog or E-commerce website that will join the league of big names, you must do what big names are doing, perhaps in a small way as a startup but with a consistent approach towards growth. You surely cannot compete with these big players in e-commerce using very poor host servers. 

Poor hosting which usually results in downtime will build a bad reputation for your website and make every potential customer turn away.

As a web developer, every e-commerce website we built using Nigerian hosting didn’t serve its purpose and no matter how much we paid, uptime wasn’t guaranteed. You can imagine Jumia being inaccessible for three hours because of downtime, they will lose customers! Nobody will take your website serious when it isn’t running 24/7. It is like renting a shop, putting up adverts while leaving the “closed” notice on the door.

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The big issue about having a website that isn’t reliable is that your competitor is just a Google search away and they may have even placed targeted ads that get them at the top of every search engine.

Nigerian hosting companies are only resellers. They resell from those international hosting that you believe is more expensive. Do you see why they will give you a very poor service? 

Here are things to consider about Nigerian hosting

• They sell cheaper so that you’ll agree to buy. While you may be getting basic international hosting at $7 per month, Nigerian hosts are offering you #500 per month or even cheaper for their own basic plans. How do they achieve it? They purchase $7 basic plans and sell shares of it in bits. If they are getting 20GB of space, for example, they are selling 2GB to each client. 

• To get a Nigerian hosting that can power advanced websites, it means you may be paying more money than you could have paid for those international hosting since Nigerian hosting companies are only resellers.

• No host is truly Nigerian host, there is no such host server located in anywhere in Nigeria.

Have you wondered why some Nigerian university websites experience several hours of downtime? This is because when it gets lots of hits especially during those rush hours of school registration, it goes out of resource and become unavailable so that it doesn’t affect other websites sharing the same space.

Depending on what you want to do, Nigerian hosting may be good for you. If you are only interested in setting up an online presence, a landing page, an info website and other similar basic websites, Nigerian hosting may be great for you!

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But if you really want to venture into full online services that require more resources, then you’ll be sabotaging your own efforts. For your online schools, web apps, forums, social media, stores, movie streaming, etc you would want to use a good host server even if it is their basic plans for a start.

If your dreams are valid, then the investment is worth it. To be a big player, you must learn to play big!

Here is some list of Nigerian hosting that you can try if by every means it is what you want to use.

1. Domain King

2. Hub8

3. Whogohost

4. Registeram

Here are some international hosting that you can try

1. Bluehost

2. HostGator

4. Tiger Tech

5. GoDaddy

*Note: We are not affiliated to any of these hosts, before you purchase any plan, ensure you learn more about their offerings.

By Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

George is a brand strategist at Funtrick Technology, an author and a public speaker. He takes time to write on George's Diary. He also writes his opinions on politics and similar subject on Gist Afrique.

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