Gist Afrique has gathered an exclusive report of what happened on November 2nd at Ibusa, Delta State, just before Achieke Market. It was a very terrifying scene and one that left people stunned.

There is usually traffic at Ibusa-Ogwashi Ukwu road around Achieke as it seems to be the major road linking Ibusa and Ogwashi-Ukwu, the area also doubles as the suburb of economic activities in Ibusa.

Ibusa and Ogwashi-Ukwu are very popular Anioma towns, they are parts of other Igbo enclaves in Delta State. If you are familiar with the town, young boys in fancy cars are a common sight.

A large percentage of these guys don’t have what we’d call jobs but they are cashing out consistently. As many people believe, they are bringing home the wealth that Westerners looted from us many years back, a narrative some don’t subscribe to. Many young people are legitimately engaging themselves in business.

It is like those who went to loot the palliative that our government leaders have already looted and then they ended up selling our palliative to us.

If you’ve bought indomie, rice or other palliative-worthy items this period, don’t be surprised that you bought your palliative. That’s another news though.

Back to the main story.

A commercial bus driver was struggling alongside others to drive through the busy road but ended up scratching the car of one of the boys. He pleaded with them, other people joined in pleading with them. At first, it seemed the matter was resolved but the driver was trailed up to Achieke. Nobody knows where these guys came from or where they were headed but they looked like what we see every day.

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The driver alighted from the bus with visible sorry-face, his palms were together, rubbing against each other as he tried pleading with these guys. They were about four in number or less. Doors were pulled open, they got down and walked straight to the boot, pressed it open and started ransacking to find something.

Just like what we see in Hollywood movies, these boys brought out some vehicle tools like jack, big spanner and other tools. They walked straight to his bus and started smashing the windows. The entire windows and windscreen of his vehicle were destroyed.

The driver, a middle-aged man was still pleading with them and shedding tears because of the damage they had done to his bus. People thought it was enough, no one wanted to interfere. They were expected to enter their car and drive away but it didn’t happen.

They dragged the man and started hitting him with those same vehicle tools. According to an eye-witness report which I was able to confirm from other people around, they probably broke his hand. The bus driver was on the ground helplessly, yet still pleading with them.

People were watching, some were probably trying to make some recordings with their phones. As the man laid helplessly on the ground, they entered their car, kick start the engine and accelerated towards this man.

Exactly what you never expected, they climbed him, bursting his stomach as his intestines splashed out. They sped off! And then there was outcry! What was this man’s crime? He scratched their car, nothing more!

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Mr Matthew Omonogor

Afterwards, the man who is long dead was carried and deposited to the mortuary. That was the best onlookers could do for him, nobody was able to save him, they were only able to deposit him in the mortuary. His family have identified and taken custody of his body.

If I found myself on the scene at the time this was going on, I also wouldn’t have done anything because I may be next. We often talk about minding our business but it surely isn’t always ideal if we must be our brother’s keeper.

The road was temporarily barred, National Union of Road Transporters protested, they refused to ply the Ibusa-Asaba road for some time, the destroyed bus was cleared, little investigations were carried out and life continued. At the moment, the Police has launched a man-hunt. We do not know how it would end and if they would get away with it.


  1. I have been able to get the name of the man that was killed, Mr Matthew Omonogor. His picture has been attached. He hails from Kwale.
  2. The killer is Junior Ogbolu who had some of his friends in the car and is currently on the run.
  3. The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya has confirmed the incident

By Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

George is a brand strategist at Funtrick Technology, an author and a public speaker. He takes time to write on George's Diary. He also writes his opinions on politics and similar subject on Gist Afrique.

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